ProcessModel 5.3.0

Process Model is a tool that allows the user to review or optimize a process
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Process Model is a program that allows the user to map and manage a process. The application lets the user generate a graphic process map, an important feature to all those individuals/professionals trying to outline an optimization by reviewing an existing process.

The program guides the user through a graphic "drag & drop" object feature. All the necessary objects to be used in the process layout (a blank desktop) are categorized by industry (Business, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Science & Technology) and by process purpose (Auditing, Quality, Network, Diagnostic). All objects are unique and representative (Chemical: Reboiler, Mechanical: Evaporator).

A valued feature is the chance to run a process simulation after the user has outlined it. Additional data can be edited in each object, such as entity/resource quantity, availability, cost per hour, etc. This information will deliver solid data for the process simulation. Additional charts can be generated from the process and data (Pareto, Histogram, etc.).

Augusto Rivera
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  • The Industry/ Function objects allows novice users to get things going fast


  • Some functions are found in Microsoft's Visio and other Process Mapping tools at lower prices. The price is excessive. It consumes a lot of memory
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